All of us know, what sustainability means. It’ something we are looking forward to, something we read about every now and then, something which is under our control, a duty, our responsibility.

Aware about the limitations, Know about the scarcity, informed about inflation & part of increasing population yet for sustainability there aren’t much contribution.

No Planet B
We have the best place to be in. In fact it’s the only place to be in, as there is no planet “B”. Whatever we have, it’s here. Whatever we want, it’s here and where ever you go, you will end up being here.
Then, who are those destroying it?
Who are those taking our homes from us?

Answer is us, we are destroying us.
With supplies around we find ourselves in relief. With limited sights we find things at excess. Which is not the same, indeed. Sneaking even a bit out of your comfort you will find shortage, insufficiency, absence and poverty of what one might have in abundance.

Solution is little:
weighing well for others giving your piece of resource is a big deal for many. Apparently that is something ceasing people to do so. Your comfort, your resources won’t last long to serve not only the succeeding but you too.
If even a little point of stated concerned makes place in our multiplex intelligence, could develop a revolution for the benefit of ever being.

Nothing large, not huge, absolutely small, gradually and little by little we can all make the dramatic positive change in our world.

Tourism and Sustainability:
Heard about the Islands which have submerged?
Read about lack of water in hills?
Know about rusting marbles of the Taj?
Have you seen Rivers quenching for water?
Landslides because of excess footfalls?

And what not. Tourism exist to please not to exhaust. The solution of little can be applicable here too. Try not to take bath from Showers at accommodation, try using dustbins, try finishing served meals, try re-using water bottles.

On the other hand strict measures and rules have to be developed for better travel engagements, to protect it, to sustain it all.

From Now:
Probably there is no time left or probably we still left with some. Whatever the deal is, the first step is to admit that we are getting effected, running out of basics, cursing future without realizing.

It’s the time to notice our mistakes, to gain what ours, to save what should be shared, to register as responsible for the Earth, for sustainability, for us.

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