Travelling has always been a point of escape as well as the way to discover oneself. With the advent of the pandemic, everything came into a halt along with the practice of travelling and tourism.

Questions are:
Till when, will things be at the state of shut?
Till when, will people be inside their homes?
Till when, the world will be at standstill?

It’s time to resume. Amidst the condition of epidemic, the finest way to defeat it and restart all which were at cease, is to take precautions.

Precaution is the call of the hour. Correct awareness and strict safety measures are the chief solutions for it. It’s been long we have sat back and yearned for wandering, it’s time again for admiring again whatever we have missed these days.

Prepared Tourist Locations
Tourist locations provides the space for people from all directions to arrive, hence at a higher risk of the spread which has evidently effected the tourism industry a lot. Looking at such circumstances, increasing travel requirements, tourism demands and above all economical terms. Sites with tourism advancements are gradually re-opening taking extreme care of hygiene and safety prospects.

Not only locations but the transit routes and transfer modes are ready with their firm security and safety norms for the benevolence of travelers.

Mask & Sanitizers
Both of these are now the essential and mandatory part of our routine. Considering them as the new normal can’t content us, still we understood the value of it with its acceptance. Alike we admitted the benefits and daily usage, we shall use it while travelling too. Because until the vaccine happens these are our vaccines.

Better than before
After a long gap counting lockdowns and sequential unlocks, tourist sites have enjoyed their best time ever. No foot falls, no pollution, no noise, no littering and no population. These must have made the destinations better than before plus resumption of it now is not taking much people in at a time, which ultimately will give you richer destinations with lesser crowd, to explore.

There is a yearn to go out again, to travel over, to explore, to admire, to visit places. There are safety measures, precautions, norms, checking and control. But until you take care of yourself, things won’t help. Travel/Tourism is prepared, you be too.

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